Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Welcome to Fantastic Visions!  I am an award-winning digital artist with a passion for fantasy & sci-fi. I have always been creative - in fact one of my favorite memories is when, in third grade, we were instructed to make a paper-plate and construction paper animal. My classmates did your basic flat shapes to form their creations but mine was a super detailed cat - down to the curly, 3D tongue and whiskers. 

Today, I get to hang out in the vendor's room or Artist Alley at fantasy/sci-fi/anime conventions (which is super fun).  My favorite part of any convention is getting to meet other really cool people and sharing our mutual love for everything "fandom." 

So, welcome to my world! Enjoy your stay - and be sure and come back for new creations frequently!

"Judge's Choice" for "Silent" at LunaCon 2012
"Best in Show" for "The Doll" at Ad-Astra 2012
"3rd Place Professional Fantasy" for "The Doll" at Millenicon 2012
"Best Digital-Photo Manipulation" for "Being Human" at ConDuit 2012
"3rd Place Professional Fantasy" for "Wraith" at Chattacon 2012
"Best in Show Saturday Theme" for "Day Tripper" at Bubonicon 2011
"Best in Show" for "Steam Travelers" at Con*Stellation 2011
"Best in Show" for my entire showing at Bubonicon 2010
"Best in Genre" for "Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole", Omni-Con 2010
"Best 2D" for "Earth", WindyCon 2009

2014 Confirmed:
Tuscon - October 31 - November 2
Hurricane Who - October 31-November 2
Nerdacon - November 14 & 15

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sample Set #1

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